Moneydance from The Infinite Kind has an advanced feature set, online banking capabilities, operating system support, and even bill paying at no additional charge. Moneydance personal finance software works with every operating system and allows you to transfer data wherever and whenever you need it.

Every feature, category and element within this money software is perfectly organized for easy access and use. The navigation bar and buttons, along with account information and payment calendar, are all easy to locate and even easier to use. These features and many more make Moneydance personal finance software the practical solution for money management.

The main page of Moneydance is visually simple, which is one of its strengths. The navigation bar and buttons can get you to any section, and the main content area neatly summarizes your accounts and displays bill reminders and a tidy calendar. Adding new accounts is a snap as well and this program connects to a large number of banks and credit unions the world over.

This personal finance software offers online banking, allowing you to automatically synchronize your accounts with Moneydance, with minimal to no data entry. Not every financial institution Moneydance supports will allow application-based online bill payment, but it shows foresight, making them a serious competitor.

Reporting has been continually improved with each new version of Moneydance. Favorite reports can be saved, or memorized, so you can generate them with one click, which is a nice feature.

Support is always fast at hand with Moneydance: You can email support and receive a fast response, and you'll find their community forums equally responsive. They also have a nice blog that helps keep users informed, which is a great feature not offered by any other finance software company.

The only place we found slightly lacking was the application help, but it's not what we consider a major drawback, considering the online support is so helpful.

Moneydance allows you to archive, backup, restore, and password-protect your financial information, and the process for each is easy and painless.

Moneydance has handy calculators for loans, mortgages, and refinancing your home, so you can figure out if that loan or extra room will be financially feasible.

One of Moneydance's biggest strengths is its library of extensions, and includes a credit card payoff calculator, debt payoff calculator, an investment profit calculator, and more. All can help you plan your financial future and integrate seamlessly into the application itself.

Moneydance can track and calculate Value Added Tax (VAT) and Goods Services Tax (GST) for easy tax reporting.

Moneydance Summary:

Moneydance has a lot going for it: Online banking and bill paying are as automatic as they can be, investment information can be imported easily, budgets can be made and tracked, and checks can be written and printed. To top it off, this personal finance software has numerous extensions including stock price updaters and debt payoff calculators. This program works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.



The main application page provides a deluge of financial information.

Moneydance offers bill pay, but not all banks support application-based bill payments.

The Verdict:

Moneydance is organized impeccably and makes keeping track of all expenses easy.