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The best Mac personal finance software, hands down, is iBank. Created by IGG Software, this personal finance software has won the Apple Design Award and the Best Mac OS X Leopard Application 2007 Runner-Up. It is the best Mac personal finance sofware in its field because it offers more personal finance features and tools than any of the other Mac personal finance software that we tested thus earning the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award. iBank has the Apple-specific features that Mac users want and love.

Financial Tools:

The first financial tool we decided to try was creating a budget. We began setting up our accounts and inputting information. After each entry iBank would provide the option of connecting the application to a live account. Once we had gathered our information and had all of our data and accounts entered we began filling in the budget form. There are four columns and two sections to each budget sheet. You can enter your items into the section called “Expense Category” or into the section called “Income Category.” Each section had four columns for item information: item, pay frequency, amount and average amount. The only problem we found was that we had a bi-annual bill and the only options available for frequency of pay are: one week, two weeks, monthly, quarterly or annually. We folded and decided to document our bill as an annual bill instead. Separate from the budgeting feature, iBank also provides a budget forecasting tool. This tool is convenient if you are running a business, or go from month to month unsure of what your income will be. iBank analyzes your balance trends, and recent and scheduled transactions to assist you in predicting your future account balance for a date of your choice. The Mac personal finance software application allows you to adjust a variety of calculations to get the most accurate forecast achievable.

iBank is the only Mac personal finance sfotware application we reviewed that has a mobile app to sync to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app is a convenient way to keep your transactions up to date while you are on the go, as well as check current account balances. Multiple users can sync to the same iBank account so you and your spouse can both have access to your financial accounts and data.

For anyone that keeps track of their finances, a brilliant tool is the bill reminder application. Although iBank does not provide automated bill pay, we found it convenient that you can pay your bills through the integrated browser iBank provides.


Using the image icons at the top of the Mac personal finance software application makes it easy to create a report using the data from your accounts. iBank provides the greatest selection of report types that we found in a single Mac personal finance software. It provides high quality charts and graphs that breakdown your finances by a variety of categories that you select. Through the reporting feature users can create beautiful charts or standard reports that provide a breakdown of cash flow, balances, return on investments and capital gains and losses.

iBank provides a mini-graph on the main window or your application. The mini-graph portrays a pie chart of your finances. Anytime you want to look deeper into a specific area of the pie, or of your finances, you can double-click that area of the pie and retrieve a breakdown of individual transactions.

Ease of Use:

After connecting to the iBank website we were eager to download the Mac personal finance software and begin using its financial services and features. The website was easy to navigate and within moments we were downloading the application. Using the personal finance application was uncomplicated and straightforward. We were able to easily open and begin using the program by entering our data and account information.

We found that each feature and tool we used through iBank was just as uncomplicated and straightforward as the one before. Even syncing iBank to an iPhone can be done with just the click of a button. This Mac personal finance software application has been created with users in mind and as a vital source of information for each new version. iBank has topped the charts with its ease of use and the features and tools it supplies for each user.

Help & Support:

iBank provides a blog, tutorials, FAQs, user forums and contact info for help and support with your Mac personal finance software needs. There is a Developer’s Blog that allows users to get news and updates on iBank. We found the blog to be extremely interesting and informative on information regarding the activity and development of iBank, it is a great way for users to stay involved and learn about what is new with one of their favorite applications.

We found one tutorial through their “Tutorial” link that focused on importing Quicken files into iBank. The tutorial linked us to YouTube where we were able to watch a video tutorial, which was very simple and easy to understand and follow. We hope to see more tutorials added to the selection, but with the ease iBank provides, additional tutorials may not be a high priority.

The FAQs section provides nearly a page of commonly asked questions and answers that will assist users in their orders and use of iBank software. The questions are easy to locate through the “Support” link. The only thing we did not like about this feature is that you have to scroll through all of the questions and answers to find the one you need; this wasn’t a huge pain to do but as the list grows, it will be.

Through the “Support” tab on the iBank website, users are able to select a link that will take them to “User Forums.” The IGG Software User Forums page allows users to post comments or questions, reply or comment on other posts and have their forums moderated by a knowledgeable iBank employee. This feature has been well designed and allows users to select a topic or subject from the dropdown menu located on the bottom right hand corner of each page.

Contact iBank through one of five email addresses. The emails are separated into two different categories: those that require a response and those that do not. If you would like a response you can send your email to one of three different addresses focusing on info, support or media. If you do not require a response you can select from emails focusing on bugs or feature requests. We contacted a personal finance software representative asking if iBank provided a bill pay service. We received our response within one business day. The representative was very personable and helpful in addressing our question and offered further assistance as necessary. Their response was timely, their answer was educated and their service was friendly. With the options offered through iBank’s help and support, we are confident that you will find yourself in good hands.


Overall we were not disappointed by IGG Software’s iBank application. Each area we reviewed and each tool and option we utilized made us appreciate the usability and ease of the personal finance application more and more. It is leaps and bounds ahead of the other Mac personal finance software we reviewed in accessibility and in options. We highly recommend this application to all Mac lovers.

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Publisher: IGG Software, LLC

Pros: The design, tools and Mac personal finance features are easy to use and convenient for any need.

Cons: The only problem we found was that we had a bi-annual bill and the only options available for frequency of pay are: one week, two weeks, monthly, quarterly or annually.

The Verdict: Our top choice, this Mac personal finance software should not disappoint any user.

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iBank Review