iCash may not be loaded with as many features as other personal finance software applications, but it does have quite a bit to offer. iCash allows you to create accounts and manage them. It helps you see where your money is coming from and where it's going.

iCash caters to your financial needs by allowing an easy import of all your accounts (or just one or two). This personal finance software gives you the capability to do great things because of its ease of use and intuitive interface.

With iCash personal finance software, keeping a close eye on your expenses is simple. Users have the option to import their account information from credit cards, savings and checking accounts, which makes keeping track of all money spent extremely convenient.

Expenditures are automatically categorized as soon as your account information is downloaded. Many of the categories are spot on, such as those for restaurants or gas, while other tags categorize incorrectly. If purchases or bills are incorrectly categorized, however, you can go through and easily change each error.

We only found five different reports available within this product: balance sheet, profit and loss statement, profit and loss summary, account statement and taxes. These are the essential reports when it comes to financial planning. Access to additional reports would have been great, but for the average iCash user this is all you really need to create a basic personal budget.

iCash provides software tutorials, a community forum and FAQs all online. This personal finance software also has a technical support ticket system, which is located by clicking the "consulting services" at the bottom of the webpage.

Having all account information in one place requires protection. iCash software has a protective password that you must enter whenever you open the money software. All budget sheets can also be backed up, which is extremely useful when comparing last year's spending and income with this year's.

This money management software, although boasting some great features, does not have any features dedicated to importing investment account data, downloading stock quotes or stock history, or maintaining a portfolio manager.

This money software does not have a dedicated tax section but it does have access to detailed pie charts and line graphs illustrating yearly expenditures, which will be helpful when preparing tax papers.

iCash Summary:

The bottom line is that iCash allows you to create accounts and budget but you are going to want more features. If you are not demanding about this product category, you should be able to successfully budget your money with iCash personal finance software.


iCash 5

Budget documents can be shared between a PC and a Mac.

iCash lacks financial calculators as well as tax and personal investment options.

The Verdict:

iCash is basic budgeting software.